Behind the Controversies of Khy – Kylie Jenner’s Brand

Khy – the brand founded by Kylie Jenner – garnered much attention upon its launch, but it was soon followed by a series of allegations of plagiarism.

Behind the Controversies of Khy - Kylie Jenner's Brand
Behind the Controversies of Khy – Kylie Jenner’s Brand

Summary of Content An overview of the Khy fashion brand Is Jenner ‘stealing’ from Johansen? Is this the first time Kylie Jenner has been accused of copying designs? What will happen in the future? This isn’t the first time that Khy – the brand founded by Kylie Jenner – has been accused of copying from another designer. On February 28, Australian designer Jessica Johansen-Bell spoke out, claiming that the latest product from the Khy fashion brand looked remarkably similar to her poppy dress from three years ago. Many might think this is a mere coincidence, but Johansen-Bell had released this product three years prior.

In a TikTok video, the brand’s founder, Johansen, asked her followers, “Am I overthinking it, or did Kylie Jenner just copy my collection?” She then proceeded to compare her collection to Khy’s latest, both featuring body-hugging dresses in neutral colors, with the distinctive twisted straps on the shoulders. Ironically, the Australian designer had previously gifted that dress to the founder of Khy.

Jessica mentioned that she reached out to Khy, and they responded that the designs were developed through the company’s “hard work and innovative creativity.” However, they failed to address the term “innovative creativity.” Jenner has not commented on this matter yet, and this isn’t the first time Jenner, or the Kardashian family members, have faced criticism for copying other artists.

An Overview of the Khy Fashion Brand ICYMI, Khy is a newly launched fashion brand by Kylie Jenner, debuting in October last year. The label offers consumers premium fashion styles at affordable prices, aiming to “redefine modern wardrobes” by blending sophistication with everyday style. To date, the brand has released four collections, including two collaborations with designers Namilia and Complete Studios. In late February, Khy launched its latest collection, Drop 004, titled ‘Day to Night: Dress + Sets.’

Is Jenner ‘stealing’ from Johansen? After Johansen-Bell shared the incident about Khy’s design resembling her collection from three years ago, she realized it when customers, friends, and fans sent numerous messages about the similarities between her poppy dress and Khy’s latest product. They believed both were very alike and assumed the designer had collaborated with Khy. Social media users in the comments section of her TikTok video also agreed with this view. Some commented: “I thought it was Johansen’s when I first saw it.”

Is this the first time Kylie Jenner has been accused of copying designs? Kylie Jenner isn’t the first member of the Kardashian family to be accused of ‘stealing creativity’ from smaller designers. Since Khy’s launch in October 2023, the brand has faced many controversies. Drop 001, a collaboration with Namilia, included 13 products like dresses and faux leather jackets. Shortly after its release, creative director Betsy Johnson accused it of imitating her latest line. In a series of Instagram Stories, Johnson shared that her company had sent design ideas to Kylie six months prior, but they seemed to have been rejected. However, they took these ideas and ‘incorporated’ them into Drop 001.

At the same time, Kylie Jenner caused a stir once again for allegedly stealing patterns for The Kylie Shop product line. In 2018, Kim Kardashian also sparked controversy when she launched her KKW Body fragrance with a bottle shape resembling Jean-Paul Gaultier’s iconic fragrance bottle.

What will happen in the future? The brand’s survival depends entirely on consumer decisions. In fact, the reason Kardashians-Jenners can still operate despite many ‘scandals’ is because of the brand’s fans and the star herself, who are willing to pay for these products, even if they are accused of plagiarism. It’s the obsession with celebrities, where people always want to own whatever they have, or it could also be an unintended consequence of excessive consumerism.

Perhaps counterfeit fashion will only truly disappear when people are willing to pay for the “original” version, even if they are expensive, rather than opting for a cheap imitation? But will this lead to boycotts of counterfeit products from customers?

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