Introducing the New Fashion Season: Top Color Trends to Watch for in Spring – Summer 2024

From traditional pastel hues to bold cherry reds, let’s take a look at the hottest color trends for the Spring – Summer 2024 season.

Introducing the New Fashion Season: Top Color Trends to Watch for in Spring - Summer 2024
Introducing the New Fashion Season: Top Color Trends to Watch for in Spring – Summer 2024

Summary of Content:

  1. Charcoal Gray
  2. Royal Blue
  3. Shades of Apricot and Peach
  4. “Fifty Shades of Green”
  5. Dark Cherry Red
  6. “Metallic Craze”
  7. Navy Blue
  8. Pale Yellow
  9. Lavender
  10. White
  11. Chocolate Brown
  12. Pink and Sweet Shades

This time will be full of fashion trend turning points, from “hot” and luxurious clothing to more casual styles. But trends don’t stop at clothing; hair and makeup styles, as well as the runway, also play a role in marking the colors to watch for the upcoming season. While each collection has its own unique color palette, there are still many similar noteworthy colors. For example, pale yellow and chocolate brown are among the top color trends on the Spring – Summer 2024 runways.

Charcoal Gray Following the “groutfit” trend dominating winter wardrobes of fashion enthusiasts last year, Spring – Summer 2024 continues to favor this color. However, brands have mixed it up by combining it with colors outside the usual vest palette. Fendi elevates gray with a sophisticated midi dress with a high neck, while other brands opt for unique cut-out designs. Gray is a versatile color in style and easy to wear with various silhouettes.

Royal Blue While artistic inspirations from the sea continue to make waves in the fashion world, designers have chosen royal blue to convey the message for Spring – Summer 2024. With various shades, each brand expresses its “heritage” in its own way, such as Loewe or Burberry.

Shades of Apricot and Peach Designers have paid attention to this shade since it was announced by Pantone as the Color of the Year 2024, and now, we finally see it in the spotlight on the runway. If Sportmax showcases the color in a unique silhouette dress, Marni presents a billowy maxi dress in bold hues.

“Fifty Shades of Green” The shades of green always stand out on the runway during this fashion month, as brands use it in both color-blocked moments and monochromatic looks. For example, Ferragamo chooses a classic pantsuit style with a deep green tone, while at Balmain, we see vibrant green in a vest design paired with a standout pink dress.

Dark Cherry Red Dark red is always glamorous and sensual, a sought-after color on fashion runways. Gucci continues its sexy style with a bra top paired with a slit pencil skirt. However, Miu Miu opts for a more traditional feminine style with a modest midi dress.

“Metallic Craze” Metallic hues are seen across all runways, from the shiny silver of Alexander McQueen to the sensual liquid gold of Ralph Lauren. Metallics are often used as “finishing touches,” but designers have optimized the color trend by using it everywhere, striking a balance between boldness and sophistication this season.

Navy Blue On the “opposite side” of the green spectrum is navy blue – a serene shade popular for spring but wearable all year round. Navy blue is interpreted in various forms, from knits like Fendi to lighter garments with Prada’s flexible movement. It’s a suitable color to add to your wardrobe, especially for those pursuing a minimalist, elegant style.

Pale Yellow Alongside navy blue, pale yellow is the next bright pastel tone to shine on the runway. Pale yellow appears in collections from Loewe, Louis Vuitton, Loro Piana, and many others, prevalent on silk fabrics and softer designs.

Lavender A refreshing change based on the richness of the characteristic purple color, lavender (or lilac) is making a comeback in the upcoming spring and summer. Coach fully exploits this color with a youthful short dress, perfect for a night out. On the other hand, Rabanne takes inspiration from modern-day gladiators with a mesh hood and lavender-colored cargo pants. Easily translated through various forms and aesthetics, lavender is an ideal color investment for spring and summer.

White White is a classic color and won’t disappear anytime soon, and designers have not hesitated to incorporate this color into their collections this season. Instead of using cream or off-white tones, brands have turned to traditional white hues commonly seen at weddings. Dior and Tory Burch also interpret the romantic and pure essence of white in a meaningful way.

Chocolate Brown In contrast to many light hues commonly seen on the Spring/Summer 2024 runways, chocolate brown has “taken over” this season thanks to brands like Loewe, Hermes, Saint Laurent, and Tom Ford. Chocolate brown is perfect for monochromatic trends and can be used on various types of clothing or accessories, such as trousers, leather goods, or blazer jackets.

Pink and Sweet Shades There’s no doubt that pink is trending now thanks to the Barbie movie. While “Barbie pink” may not appear prominently on this season’s runways, certain shades of pink still dominate. Bottega Veneta opts for a deep pink tone paired with a billowy midi dress, while Chanel chooses something a bit brighter but still delicate in a long-tailed tweed dress, and Prada is sweet and fluffy like a cloud.

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