“The Boyfriend Effect”: How Has the “Timothee Effect” Influenced Kylie Jenner’s Wardrobe?

What made “hot mom” Kylie Jenner decide to reboot her fashion era? The answer can only be the “Timothee Effect.”

"The Boyfriend Effect": How Has the "Timothee Effect" Influenced Kylie Jenner's Wardrobe?
“The Boyfriend Effect”: How Has the “Timothee Effect” Influenced Kylie Jenner’s Wardrobe?

Summary of Content “Old money”: Is it Timothee’s taste? The “Timothee Effect” and Kylie Jenner’s wardrobe full of femininity The wardrobe and style of celebrities have always been a hot topic that fashion enthusiasts pay attention to, especially for influential figures like Kylie Jenner, where even a small change is enough to become a hot topic of discussion among the fashion-loving community. After “overwhelming” fans with a series of intimate dating photos with “Hollywood sweetheart” Timothee Chalamet, it quickly became apparent that there was a significant change in the fashion and makeup style of billionaire mom Kylie Jenner.

Always appearing in daring and revealing outfits showcasing her ethereal, “seductive” curves, “hot” seems to be synonymous with billionaire Kylie Jenner every time she appears. However, in recent times, fashion enthusiasts may easily notice that the billionaire is in the process of re-establishing her wardrobe with a series of minimalist outfits featuring two familiar tones: white and black, with combinations of baby tee tops and dynamic mini skirts gradually replacing the body-hugging designs that were previously worn.

Let’s explore how love has transformed the seductive wardrobe of billionaire Kylie Jenner in recent times with Style-Republik!

“Old money”: Is it Timothee’s taste? If you’ve been in the fashion industry long enough, you probably know that Kylie Jenner is also known as the “close friend” of the Jean Paul Gaultier brand – the famous fashion house known for its seductive body-hugging designs. However, at the present time, Kylie’s wardrobe seems to have undergone significant changes, from vibrant patterns or characteristic trompe l’oeil designs to monochrome outfits with neutral tones.

Kylie Jenner seductive (Photo: @kyliejenner) Timothee’s girlfriend is seductive in revealing outfits (Photo: @kyliejenner) Kylie Jenner seductive (Photo: @kyliejenner) However, since the Jean Paul Gaultier fashion show in Paris in January 2023, Kylie Jenner has stunned fashion enthusiasts by deciding to rebrand her characteristic seductive and daring dressing style. Also during that time, rumors about her romance with Timothee Chalamet surfaced and became a hot topic of discussion among the fan community, making fashion enthusiasts wonder if Kylie was and is being influenced by the “Timothee Effect”?

Then, after a period of speculation about their unexpected romance, the businesswoman and Hollywood sweetheart decided to publicly announce their romantic relationship with intimate photos at Beyoncé’s concert. Fashion enthusiasts now understand more clearly why the billionaire decided to make a 180-degree turn with her seductive wardrobe and opted for sweeter, more feminine combinations, which are sometimes romantic. Tight-fitting, overly revealing outfits have been replaced by discreet and sophisticated designs.

Kylie Jenner and Timothee (Photo: Getty Images) Timothee dating Kylie Jenner (Photo: TMZ) The “Timothee Effect” and Kylie Jenner’s wardrobe full of femininity It seems that the sweet fruit of love with Timothee has enchanted her with minimalist and elegant beauty. No longer are the seductive, alluring dress designs a priority choice for Kylie; modest, elegant, and graceful outfits are now her preferred choice. No one can deny that the romantic relationship between her and the Hollywood sweetheart seems to have breathed new life into the life of the 25-year-old businesswoman, a breath of fresh air full of vitality and romance. The most evident proof is the re-establishment of her image and the reshaping of her personal style, into a sweet, feminine, romantic Kylie, yet still retaining her allure.

Timothee effect in Kylie Jenner’s wardrobe (Photo: @kyliejenner)

(Photo: @kyliejenner) The Timothee effect transforms Kylie Jenner’s style (Photo: @kyliejenner) In addition, fashion enthusiasts also speculate that Kylie seems to be drawn to the allure of the “quiet luxury” trend being promoted by Hollywood’s A-list stars. Blazers or blazer suits are still essential items in the wardrobe of the young businesswoman. Sometimes, it’s an oversized blazer worn over a white T-shirt and jeans for important appointments, sometimes it’s a monochrome blazer suit for a more formal look at events. The peasant-style balloon-sleeved dress from Dôen’s Stanza brand is also a perfect choice for casual outings.

She has also temporarily set aside the bright and eye-catching color palette to turn the three characteristic tones of white, black, and beige into the “IT-palette,” leading the trend of this year. Accessories are also minimized by the billionaire: Miu Miu’s canvas bag with colorful stripes, metallic ballet flats, military-patterned hats as accents for simple outfits, or quirky silver earrings still retain the essence of “Kylie Jenner.”

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