Why Red Stockings are Dominating Social Media Right Now

If you think it’s because we’re in the holiday season, then the answer isn’t entirely accurate.

Why Red Stockings are Dominating Social Media Right Now
Why Red Stockings are Dominating Social Media Right Now

According to the popular fashion data Instagram account databutmakeitfashion, searches for “Cherry Red” color have surged in 2023, up nearly 300%. This information isn’t surprising as we’ve undoubtedly seen items in this color flooding Instagram and TikTok feeds.

Data from Google also confirms that while searches for “red stockings” typically spike in December, there was a slight difference last year in 2023. In the UK, both the keywords “red stockings” and “red tights” recorded high search volumes in December 2023, with Google Trends noting an 82% increase in searches for “red stockings” compared to December 2022. The keyword “red tights” in December 2023 also saw a 120% increase compared to the previous year.

And this trend isn’t limited to the UK. According to Pinterest, searches for “outfits with red stockings” have increased by 614% since September, and “red stockings” have seen a 355% increase in the US.

The “rise” of colorful stockings after the Spring/Summer 2024 fashion season, but since then, red stockings and tights, in particular, have become more prominent, flooding social media. Besides December being the holiday season and red being the most suitable color to wear, there are several other reasons why this standout color is gradually dominating our wardrobes.

According to Emily McCarthy, a color expert at WGSN, “the popularity of red speaks to passion, allure, and bold feminine energy.” She adds, “After years of emotionally charged dressing, consumers have returned to neutral styles to maintain timeless elegance.” In 2022, the company predicted this trend and named “Fiery Red” as the main color of 2024, describing it as “stimulating” and “emotionally rich.”

In addition to the energetic yet simple aura that red clothing brings, attracting “main character energy” through fashion continues to be popular. Emily cites the trending hashtag #APopofRed on Instagram and TikTok as elevating the Modern Academia trend, endorsed by brands like Givenchy, Tibi, and Attico on the fashion runways.

Furthermore, Emily McCarthy believes that the increasingly expensive cost of living crisis also influences this trend. She adds, “Red stockings and tights offer women a way to refresh their style surprisingly and affordably… Youthful and optimistic, the brightness of red is a source of energy to keep us going. Simply put, #ALittleRed says: ‘We can do it.'”

Oscar Lund-Hansen, Co-founder and Creative Director of Socksss – a Swedish sock brand highly popular among GenZ nowadays, shares, “It (red) is a color that makes you stand out and at the same time gives you more energy. What you wear can make you feel confident, and people may be looking for a bit of self-love energy, and right now everyone needs a motivation to boost confidence in life more than ever.”

So far, the trend of red stockings has been supported by IT Girls like Hailey Bieber, Dua Lipa, and Kendall Jenner, while also appearing in the Pre-Fall and SS24 collections from brands like Victoria Beckham, Proenza Schouler, and the FW23 collections from Vivienne Westwood, Gucci, and POSTER GIRL.

If you’re feeling intrigued, check out how to style these items with outfits from the suggestions below!

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