NFL MVP Futures: Three Bets to Consider for the 2024-2025 Season

With the dust settling after the Super Bowl, attention now turns to the upcoming NFL season, and one popular bet on everyone’s radar is the NFL MVP award. As we look ahead to 2024, there are certain criteria to consider when predicting potential winners: quarterbacks leading teams with the best records or those capable of making history.

NFL MVP Futures: Three Bets to Consider for the 2024-2025 Season
NFL MVP Futures: Three Bets to Consider for the 2024-2025 Season

Over the past decade, the MVP award has predominantly been claimed by quarterbacks, often from teams securing the top seed. However, occasional exceptions, like Adrian Peterson’s near-record-breaking rushing season in 2012, underscore the potential for historic performances to sway the vote.

While star players like Tyreek Hill and Christian McCaffrey may fall short unless achieving something extraordinary, emerging quarterbacks like CJ Stroud might miss out due to team performance. So, who are the quarterbacks worth betting on for the MVP title next season? Here are three contenders:

  1. Patrick Mahomes: +650 Mahomes remains a perennial favorite for MVP honors. Despite a challenging season for the Chiefs in 2023, Mahomes still showcased his talent, finishing among the top in passing yards and efficiency metrics. With expected improvements to the Chiefs’ receiving corps, Mahomes is poised to bounce back and contend for the MVP once again.
  2. Dak Prescott: +1600 Following a strong showing in the 2023 season, finishing second in MVP voting, Prescott enters the new season with momentum. With impressive passing stats and a stacked offensive lineup, Prescott is well-positioned to build on his success. The Cowboys’ potential to secure the top seed in the NFC further enhances Prescott’s MVP prospects.
  3. Brock Purdy: +1600 Purdy’s odds present an intriguing opportunity, especially considering the 49ers’ status as early Super Bowl favorites. While doubts linger about the 49ers’ championship aspirations, their roster strength and coaching excellence suggest a strong regular season performance, potentially securing Purdy the MVP if history repeats itself.

In conclusion, while Mahomes and Prescott are established favorites, Purdy’s odds offer an enticing proposition given the potential success of the 49ers. As the season unfolds, these MVP futures bets provide an exciting opportunity for NFL enthusiasts to engage with the upcoming season’s narrative.

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