Ten Prospects Linked to Buccaneers’ Coaching Staff

With the Buccaneers’ coaching staff boasting a strong presence from college and SEC football, particularly with new coordinator Liam Coen’s tenure at Kentucky, there’s a notable alignment between the team’s coaching staff and potential draft prospects. Here are ten prospects with ties to the Buccaneers’ coaching staff to keep an eye on, especially in the later rounds of the draft:

Ten Prospects Linked to Buccaneers' Coaching Staff
Ten Prospects Linked to Buccaneers’ Coaching Staff
  1. Ladd McConkey, WR, Georgia: Coached closely by Bryan McClendon, McConkey’s speed and versatility could complement the Buccaneers’ receiving corps.
  2. Ray Davis, RB, Kentucky: Despite only a single season under Coen, Davis showcased his versatility and production, making him an intriguing option for the Buccaneers’ backfield.
  3. Troy Franklin, WR, Oregon: With McClendon’s experience at Oregon, Franklin’s size and impressive 2023 season could catch the Buccaneers’ attention.
  4. Devin Leary, QB, Kentucky: As a developmental QB familiar with Coen’s system, Leary could provide value as a late-round pick or undrafted rookie for the Buccaneers.
  5. Daijun Edwards and 6. Kendall Milton, RBs, Georgia: Both Georgia running backs offer potential depth options for the Buccaneers’ backfield, with insights from Todd Bowles’ connections at Georgia.
  6. Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint, WR, Georgia: Another Georgia prospect with ties to McClendon, Rosemy-Jacksaint’s size and production make him a viable Day 3 pick.
  7. Tayvion Robinson, WR, Kentucky: Robinson’s versatility and experience could make him a valuable addition to the Buccaneers’ receiving corps.
  8. Jeremy Flax, OL, Kentucky: With assistance from Brian Picucci, Flax’s size and experience at right tackle could make him a candidate for the Buccaneers’ offensive line depth.
  9. Xavier Legette, WR, South Carolina: Previously coached by McClendon at South Carolina, Legette’s breakout season could position him as a potential second-round pick for the Buccaneers.

These prospects offer intriguing possibilities for the Buccaneers to consider as they navigate the upcoming NFL Draft.

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